2018 Rooster Days Wine Garden Exhibitor Application

Thank you for your interest in being a Wine Garden exhibitor at the Rooster Days Festival in Broken Arrow. We want to take this opportunity to share with you the procedures in becoming an exhibitor in our festival. We also ask that you keep this letter in your files for further reference.
Festival dates and hours:
Thursday, May 10: 4pm-11pm
Friday, May 11: 4pm-11pm
Saturday, May 12: 10am-11pm
Sunday, May 13: 10am-6pm
Application Procedure:
Please complete and return the following to complete your application:
1. Submit this Application Form
2. Tax permit (if you are exempt please note on the application)
3. Signed contract
4. Two photos showing the detail of the product you sell, as well as your display. (Please understand that the pictures or samples of your merchandise cannot be returned)
5. Payment in the form of a check or money order. Please make checks payable to the Broken Arrow Chamber.
Please mail your check to the Broken Arrow Chamber Office, 210 N Main Street, Suite C, Broken Arrow, OK 74012.
Someone from the chamber will follow up with you about your payment once the contract has been reviewed.
If you are accepted as a Wine Garden vendor, you will be notified via email of your acceptance. All booth applications must be received by Wednesday, December 15th.
Waiting List:
If our response to you indicates you have been placed on a waiting list, you will remain on the waiting list until there is an opening. If an opening becomes available, we will notify you immediately and send you the necessary contract to be returned to us with the required payment.
Our current vendor fee is $150.00 which covers insurance, tent, (1) table and (2) chairs.
*Price subject to change according to management of facilities. We appreciate your interest and support in the Rooster Days festival.
2018 Rooster Days Wine Garden Application
This application must be filled out COMPLETELY for consideration. APPLICATION DEADLINE: WEDNESDAY, APRIL 30TH.
Contact Name
If your file is over 10MB then please email the attachment to Jessica Mugg at Jessica.Mugg@bachamber.com.
If your file is over 10MB then please email your photos to Jessica Mugg at Jessica.Mugg@bachamber.com.
If your file is over 10MB then please email it to Jessica Mugg at Jessica.Mugg@bachamber.com.
2018 Rooster Days Wine Garden Contract Rules and Regulations
I agree to participate in Rooster Days to sell and display wine and related items.
1. Items offered for sale in the 2018 Rooster Days Wine Garden will be limited to wine and related items
2. No refunds will be given for cancellations.
3. A vendor who finds he/she cannot attend the show after paying the vendor fee cannot assign space to another vendor. You must notify us.
4. All vendors are responsible for their own displays, backdrops and signs.
5. Not being set up by 2:00pm on Thursday, May 10, 2018 will forfeit your space.
6. Broken Arrow Chamber of Commerce reserves the right to refuse any vendor(s) or item(s) applying for vendor space.
7. Items that may NOT be sold inside are as follows: Unpackaged food or candy, un-bottled beverages or carnival type food, weapons of any type and any material that would be considered offensive or in poor taste.
I, the undersigned, do hereby fully release and hold harmless Rooster Days, its Board of Directors, Sponsors, and the City of Broken Arrow, from any and all responsibility, claim, causes and action, injuries, judgments or other damages of any nature whatsoever directly or indirectly caused by the willful or negligent acts of Rooster Days, the City of Broken Arrow or any other person and/or entity arising from my participation in or presence at the foresaid Rooster Days. The Broken Arrow Area Chamber of Commerce, Rooster Days Committee and City of Broken Arrow shall not be liable for the results of any accident, damage, lost profits, theft, or any other loss to any person or article, employee by or the possession of myself while on the grounds of the Rooster Days festivities, whether such occurs during the time of preparation, for the period of the Rooster Days festivities or the removal of equipment or material after the event.
Authorized Signature
Format: M/d/yyyy
Once the applications are closed, someone from the chamber will be in contact with you.